Poeticall Musicke often works from facsimile editions, but sometimes these can be very hard to read from in concert, especially in our favourite dimly lit churches! Over the last year the band has spent time creating editions of many of the works we often perform, and it was decided to make these available online. These copies are freely available to download and distribute for non-commercial use, but we would be very grateful for an acknowledgement. For comments and corrections, please contact us.


The Claret Bottle (soprano & bass)

BANISTER, JOHN (1630-1679)

Give me my lute A song in the play ‘Circe’  (soprano & continuo)


Alexis, dear Alexis A pastoral elegy on the death of a lovely boy  (soprano & continuo)
As when on his deathbed A pastoral elegy on the death of the Earl of Rochester  (soprano & continuo)
Awake my lyre  (soprano & continuo)
Fair lady, so strong are the charms of your eyes  (soprano & continuo)


Ferma, deh, ferma omai  (Cantata for soprano & continuo)

HUMPHREY, PELHAM (1647-1674)

Cupid once, when weary grown  (soprano & continuo)
As freezing Fountains  (soprano & continuo)

LANDI, STEFANO (1587-1639)

Ho’l cor ferito  (soprano & continuo)
La mia Ninfa  (soprano & continuo)

PERI, JACOPI (1561-1633)

Tra le lagrime e i sospiri (soprano & continuo)

PURCELL, HENRY (1659-1695)

He himself courts his own ruin  (soprano & continuo)
I take no pleasure in the sun’s bright beams  (soprano & continuo)
She loves and she confesses too  (soprano & continuo)
What hope for us remains Elegy on the death of Matthew Locke  (soprano, bass & continuo)

STROZZI, BARBARA (1619-1677)

I baci  (2 sopranos, continuo)
L’Eraclito Amoroso  (soprano & continuo)