2016-17 Concert Dates

New concert dates in York for 2016-17 announced! For more information, please see the flyer below, or take a look on our Concerts page.

All concerts operate with a Pay-What-You-Want scheme whereby audience members pay a ticket price of their choosing into a hat at the end of the performance.

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2015-16 Season Announced

After a bit of a hiatus, with members of the group exploring different personal projects, we’re excited to announce our 2015-16 concert series. We are moving to different venues in York and London, and look forward to performing in the Heath Street Baptist Church in Highgate, and St Helen Stonegate in York.

We’re also introducing a Pay-What-You-Want scheme, allowing audience members to name their ticket price, after they’ve listened to the concert! Intrigued? Come along and see how it works!

For more information, please see the flyer below, or look on our Concerts page.

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Majestie album review

We’ve had a lovely review from Johan van Veen for our recent album Majestie. You can read the full review here; these are some of our favourite bits:

“The Leçons de Ténèbres by Lalande are not that well known, and Couperin’s Concerts royaux are not that often played with only one violin. That makes this disc an attractive proposal, also because of the generally good quality of the performances.”

“These performances with a single violin lend them a kind of intimacy, as they could have sounded in the private chambers of the King. That intimacy is even enhanced by the use of a spinet rather than a two-manual harpsichord in the basso continuo.”

“I have greatly enjoyed Rosemary Galton’s performance which is stylish and expressive. She avoids any vibrato, varies the dynamics and uses a historical pronunciation of Latin. The text is always clearly understandable. The performances of Couperin’s Concerts Royaux are just as good as Rafael Font delivers a differentiated interpretation.”

Valentine’s day lute songs

We’re delighted to be collaborating with the Churches Conservation Trust again, this time for an atmospheric concert of romantic lute songs for Valentine’s day. This concert will take place in St Swithun’s church in Worcester, a perfectly preserved early Georgian gem, now under the care of the CCT. For more information and to book tickets, click here.