Thank You – A Shakespearean Sonnet

Very nice to receive this via email after our York concert last weekend!

Thank You
to Poeticall Musicke
(a Shakespearian Sonnet)

We thank you, Alex, Joseph, Donald, George
For Royal French Musicke played in York last night.
Your skills gave thrills no dull quartet could forge,
Inspiring hearts and heads with bright delight.
With nimble fingers you create a team
The like of which we’ve never heard or seen.
You made us listen; banished idle dream.
Each note, each blended harmony clear-clean!
Poeticall Musicke a magic team!
Twelve hours later, you’re still with us.
We breakfast recollecting those York hours.
You treated us with charm, no futile fuss.
You sweetened time the other music sours.
Again – we thank you for that York treat.
You were (and are) a special Musicke group to meet.

Trevor Dickinson 12.10.2013